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How can I suggest a topic for a session?

We warmly welcome new suggestions for educational sessions. is committed to responding to GP's learning needs and will undertake kite-marking for a learning event, post-event evaluation and feedback to speakers. The Annual Programme Planning Meeting is your opportunity to put forward topics or issues you have identified as a learning need, this is usually held at the end of May- please refer to the programme of events for further information. Please also feel free to contact any of the committee members by email (via Sophie Field, administrator) or at a session where one of us will usually be facilitating.

If I miss a particular session can I obtain the key learning points afterwards?

Yes we aim to upload the presentations onto the website as soon as we can, as long as we have permission from the speaker to do so.

These previous course pages on the website are password protected for exclusive use by our members.

When is a waiting list operated?

With our more popular events, we sometimes need to operate a waiting list when the course becomes fully booked. You will be informed should a place become available.

Occasionally a waiting list may come into operation for Specialist Trainees before a course is fully booked. This is to allow a certain proportion of spaces to be available for qualified GPs which reflects their proportional membership of the organisation.

Is food provided at the educational sessions?

At the evening sessions held at the Winfield and Nuffield there is food provided before the session starts. Lunch is provided for members attending all day events at other venues.

How do I find out what is on and book on a session?

The GGPET website is updated regularly and you will be able to see what events are planned and book onto a session directly via the website. Our administrator will confirm this booking with you by e-mail.

Is there a cost for a non-GGPET member to attend an event?

Yes you can attend, there is a day delegate fee, but GP's are encouraged to join for all of the other GGPET courses & benefits.

Is there ever an additional cost for GGPET members eg a special educational event?

Yes for very occasional high profile/expensive speakers or non-core events we may charge a supplementary fee.

Is it possible to join part way through the membership year for a reduced fee?

Yes, we are always pleased to welcome new members to at anytime of the year and are able to offer a reduced pro-rata membership for those new members joining GGPET after 1st October in each membership year. Please email Sophie Field for details.

Are there reciprocal arrangements with other Education Trusts?

GGPET does indeed have reciprocal arrangements with other Severn Deanery patch Trusts of Bristol, Weston, Bath, Avon, Swindon (Wiltshire) and Somerset. There may be a small fee payable to cover administration & catering costs etc.

Are there any concessionary membership fees available?

A concessionary fee is available for those who are not higher rate tax payers and Nurse Practitioners can join for a similar reduced rate.

Is there pharmaceutical sponsorship and could this lower the membership fee?

GGPET  is keen to maintain integrity¸ and the amount of pharmaceutical company sponsorship of its educational activities is small. Some of our members tell us that they would prefer not to engage with pharmaceutical companies, as they feel that there are potential conflicts which outweigh the benefits of financial support & lower fees. When sponsors are present we do not modify session plans, content or timings for them, but members speak with pharmaceutical representatives if they feel able.

I cannot get all my GP practice colleagues to join GGPET to obtain the group discount, am I not being penalised as we are a large practice?

It is difficult to set up a membership structure which everyone is happy with. If we did have a minimum cut off of say 4 members in a practice joining this could have a significant impact on membership fees from the larger practices, but this might be off-set by smaller groups joining. We have a duty to our members as well as a responsibility to protect the charity's income & preserve financial security for the future.

For 2022-2023 new memberships, as we return to F2F teaching, we can offer the practice rate membership of £170 to ALL GPs if 2 or more GPs from the same practice sign up to GGPET membership- don't miss out on this fantastic offer, saving £55 on an individual's year's membership!

Why is there a membership fee?

There is a considerable workload involved in organising, planning, and facilitating GGPET educational events, in addition to administrative costs, venue hire, catering costs and paying speakers. The membership fee represents excellent value for money when considering the number of high quality CPD kite-marked educational events in one year, where a single national event may cost the year's membership fee alone.GGPET is fortunate in partnering with the Nuffield Hospital, Cheltenham and Winfield Hospital, Gloucester, as hosts for many of the evening sessions which helps keep costs down.

How does GGPET work?

GGPET comprises a board of trustees (including a Trainer's representative) and committee who plan, scrutinise and kite-mark for CPD, facilitate and evaluate the educational events. The board meet regularly throughout the year to ensure calendar events are run to the highest standard and remain relevant to general practice. offers a variety of session topics, venues with day/evening/week events so there is something for everyone! Membership is open to established GPs, Salaried GPs, Sessional GPs, Nurse Practitioners as well as Gloucestershire GP ST1/2&3s who are automatically members through Severn Deanery School of Primary Care sponsorship. All members are invited to attend the annual AGM usually held in March which follows the historically popular and thought-provoking Edward Jenner Lecture.

What are the benefits of joining?

Annual membership offers free attendance at all GGPET educational activities, (of which there were 39 in 2014 with over 1100 GP attendances). With annual appraisal and revalidation, GGPET is an excellent way of keeping up to date with GP matters, meeting and networking with your GP colleagues and local consultants, to generate discussion and feedback ideas to your practice where you can claim added CPD impact points.

What is the Gloucestershire GP Education Trust?

GGPET is a charitable organisation, registered with the charities commission whose objective is to provide and maintain high quality GP education in Gloucestershire and ultimately improve patient care.

When and where are the sessions held?

GGPET events are held in a variety of regular venues such as Sandford Education Centre at Cheltenham General Hospital, Redwood Education Centre at Gloucester Royal Hospital, the Nuffield Cheltenham Hospital and the Winfield Hospital in Gloucester together with larger venues such as Gloucester Rugby Club and The National Star College. Gloucestershire comprises a wide geographical area and we hope that offering sessions in a variety of settings will help with the practicalities of being able to get to an event from afternoon surgery and back home without having to travel an unrealistic distance. We also offer a variety of timings for the educational events which we hope would appeal to busy GPs, ranging from evening sessions, half and full-day sessions, to the innovative String of Pearls week-long event.