Wednesday 11th October 2023

ST session for VTS Training Emergency Afternoon

Speakers: Dr Faye Noble, Dr Tanya de Weymarn

Session 2:
o To discuss the presentation and management of acute abdominal pain in the frail and elderly patient
o To review how to write a good ReSPECT form
o To recognise when the patient is entering the dying phase


Date: Wednesday 11th October 2023

Time: 14:15

Duration: Half Day

Location: Sandford Education Centre

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About the speaker

Dr Faye Noble
Consultant in Emergency Medicine and Lead for Mental Heath and Frequent Attenders.

I'm an EM consultant who trained in the South West which is why it’s very close to my heart. My passion is mental health and vulnerable patients who have an excess of health inequality and how we can better support these patients in Emergency Medicine. Workforce wellbeing, culture and development is also very interconnected with this. I'm the clinical lead for Emergency Medicine within GHNHSFT Emergency Departments but also Clinical Lead for Urgent and Emergency Care (UEC) for Gloucestershire ICB. I sit on the Mental Health Committee for RCEM and also am an expert member of the Frenchey Research Ethics committee.’

So in terms of areas of expertise I have quite a few areas of interest:

• High intensity use patients – ‘frequent attenders’ – pitfalls and pearls
• Mental health – whole spectrum
• Drug/alcohol/opiates
• Eating Disorders
• Eye injuries/illness
• Cardiology/Chest pain/ECG
• Vertigo/Dizziness

About the speaker

Dr Tanya de Weymarn
Emergency medicine consultant
Frailty consultant
Clinical lead for EOL ICB

I'm a mother, daughter and wife living in Stroud.
Emergency medicine consultant
Frailty consultant
ICB clinical lead for end of life
Love reading
Little bit mad

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