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General Information for Speakers

If you'd like GGPET involvement with your educational event there are 2 ways to do this:

1. Delivering your event as PART of the GGPET programme

We offer you the following:


Your event is advertised as a GGPET event, goes onto the GGPET courses current programme page, and is e-mailed out to members once a date, speaker & venue have been confirmed.

Attendance varies, but we design evening events to be smaller, 15-35 GPs, enabling a highly interactive approach. Day time events are usually arranged for larger numbers, 35-60, depending on the type of event.

Event Planning & Co-ordination

Our educational activity is planned & co-ordinated by the committee which comprises of a number of GP's with educational experience. We look at our current programme & try to balance the content throughout the year; working out the optimum time to deliver it. We tend to avoid dates when another large event is already being delivered as this can impact on attendance. We can also provide advice on venue, and help with making arrangements.

Educational Input

We believe that the reason GPs join and attend our courses is mainly because we try to ensure that all our events are focused on the learning needs of GPs. We encourage all speakers to complete a session planning template which prompts the speakers to consider both the content as well as the mode of the delivery and a variety of teaching methods

Content & timing

We advise on the content of your session plan for an event, making suggestions about learning needs of GPs which would be useful to cover, and how much time to allow. The delegates want to achieve the maximum, highest quality learning in the time available, so we tend to discourage information & slides/videos about surgery in secondary care as although really interesting, it's much less relevant to GPs.

Learning Methods

We encourage the use of active engagement of the participants, and can make suggestions about how to incorporate this into the educational event, depending on the aim of the event, taking into account the number of delegates, the venue, length of event & the topic.

Setting aims & Objectives

We can help to make sure that your aims & objectives are educationally 'SMART' & tailored to your event.

Educational Facilitator on the day

We aim to have at least one member of our committee at all GGPET events to provide educational facilitation. They can provide a number of functions: help with co-ordinating group- work, case discussions & interactive elements of the event, time keeping as well as 'chairing' events. They also ask delegates to complete feedback forms & reflect on the educational activity.

Feedback & Reflection

We provide delegates with bespoke feedback forms for your event, these are generated using your session's aims & objectives.

All of the feedback is then collated and sent onto us & you in electronic format, which can then be used as evidence for education & appraisal.

Up-Loading Course Information

The previous courses page provides details of courses run & also enables speakers to have course handouts, referral forms, and presentations up-loaded. This enables delegates to download electronic versions of referral forms etc. & also those members who were unable to attend can also access presentation information, (powerpoint presentations are converted into pdf files). Files here are usually kept for 1 year.

If you are interested in this please contact Rachel Gadsden in the first instance with details of your prospective event, a draft session plan, and any proposals for venues & dates.

2. Non-GGPET events

These can be advertised on our website, (http://www.ggpet.org.uk/non_GGPET_courses.php),
there is currently no charge for this service.

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