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Learning Needs

To make education efficient, identifying what we need to know to make ourselves better professionals is the cornerstone of the education process.

Which one of us will claim to have too much time for learning?

Do we not feel overwhelmed in Primary Care by the vast amount of learning material that we are exposed to?

  • Review articles…
  • Journals
  • Courses
  • CDROM's

…not to mention the huge pile of BMJ's in the corner STILL unread!

Knowing everything may be the crock of gold at the end of the rainbow, but of course is unachievable. Identifying what you need to know to perform your primary working role will enable your learning to occur more effectively and in an efficient way that makes best use of any available time that you have set aside for study.

Identifying learning needs forms the basis of the Personal Learning Plan and is an integral outcome of Appraisal. Developing an Educational plan that is directly related to your professional needs is efficient in terms of making your education relevant to you and in terms of the amount of time and money expended on your Continuing Professional Development.

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