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How We Work

GGPET is an education trust and as such is a non-profit making educational charity, mainly funded by membership fees and our partnership with the Cheltenham Nuffield and Gloucester Winfield Hospitals where some of our local consultants also practice.

Education Trusts have existed in many other areas for 10-15 years and have been well received by their local GPs. We hope that by providing quality, value-for- money, access to educational events with their local providers, GPs will be helped in their Appraisal and Revalidation to build meaningful Personal Development Plans and maintain the good medical practice at the heart of patient care.

The Committee is comprised of GP's with an educational interest. We meet every 6-8 weeks planning our programme of educational events particularly based around our members' learning needs discovered for example, through delegate completion of feedback forms and suggestions for events, submission of ideas via email or this website. We then liaise with speakers and a committee member(s) facilitates the event. Find out more about us at http://www.ggpet.org.uk/who_we_are.php. Please catch us at an educational event for an informal chat, at our AGM in March or our Annual Programme Planning Meeting in June of each year.

We actively share good practice & ideas with the other Severn Deanery Education Provider Organisations (EPO's) and have reciprocal arrangements with these EPOs (for certain courses a fee to cover administrative & catering costs may be charged). To some events, such as our String of Pearls week, we invite pharmaceutical companies to have a stand which attendees are invited to view if they wish (the APBI Code of Conduct has become much more stringent).

The Chair and Vice-Chair report to the Board of Trustees bi-annually. Find out more about our Trustees at http://www.ggpet.org.uk/governing_document.php.

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