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Policy for Speaker Payments


The Gloucestershire GP Education Trust (GGPET) is a registered education charity (Charity No 1117571) for local post CCT GPs, including Sessional GPs and Retainers, and more recently, GP Specialist Registrars and Practice Nurses as appropriate. We are very fortunate to have a great deal of support and help with our educational activities from many local GPs, GPwSIs, GP Educators, Consultants, Specialist Nurses, & other colleagues in Gloucestershire hospitals & the community.

We do appreciate that it takes a considerable amount of time and effort to produce a good quality education session for GPs.

Evening Talks at the Winfield & Nuffield Hospitals
  • Separate arrangements exist for speakers at these events, please contact the relevant hospital.
Departmental/Speaker Requests for GGPET involvement
You have been approached by GGPET to speak

We remunerate speakers for their educational work, but we do recognise that many of our speakers kindly invest time over and above that which we can pay them for. Our speakers tell us that they very much enjoy their teaching and contact with Gloucestershire GPs. They also feedback to us that it often improves the quality of the referrals they receive and can be helpful when planning the structure of service provision and pathways etc. Our ultimate aim is to improve the care and health of our patients.

Funding & Expenses

GGPET funding comes mainly from annual membership fees, with a small amount from pharmaceutical company sponsorship. Continuing payment of expenses is reliant on receipts from membership fees and pharmaceutical company sponsorship being sufficient to cover the full ongoing expenses of the Education Trust. The payment of expenses is therefore subject to guidelines in order to ensure the financial stability of GGPET.

Speaker Payments

GGPET offers speakers a fee for their time; payments are made in line with the Severn Deanery's guidelines. Claims may be made as follows:-

  • Lecture fee - 60 per hour
    • Lecture fees will only be paid for a service provided within an individual's own personal time and not within an individual's normal NHS working hours.
    • A fee may be claimed by an individual for NHS time if payable to an educational fund or charity fund held within the individual's own department. Prior agreement with GGPET Steering Committee Chair/Representative is required.
    • Individual claimants are requested to provide their Tax Code.
  • Preparation fee -60 per hour
    • Individual speakers may claim a maximum of three hours preparation time which is specifically for a GGPET event, for a 3 hour session. This would usually need to be agreed in advance with GGPET.
    • Where there are multiple speakers preparation time will be paid at a pro-rata rate per each 3-hour session. This would usually need to be agreed in advance with GGPET.
  • Departmental talks/ Joint Sessions
    • Lectures supported by a number of speakers from the same department/specialty may claim a combined fee to be paid to an education/charitable fund for the department. These fees are paid at a rate of 300 for a half-day or 600 for a whole-day.
    • If an individual or department feels that a higher fee might be appropriate they would need to discuss this in advance with GGPET
Travel Expenses
Standard rates:
Motor cars with three or four wheels:
Engine capacity (cc) 501 to 1000 1,001 to 1,500 1,501 to 2,000 Over 2,000
Up to 3,500 miles (p) 37.4 47.3 58.3 58.3
3,501 - 9,000 miles (p) 23.0 28.2 33.5 41.0
9,001 - 15,000 miles (p) 17.8 20.1 22.7 25.5
Thereafter (p) 17.8 20.1 22.6 22.6
How to claim

Speakers will be asked to complete an Expenses Claim Form. The speaker should return the completed form to the administrator at GGPET, Rachel Gadsden, The Department of Medical Education. Sandford Education Centre, Keynsham Road, Cheltenham, Glos., GL53 7PX. Please ensure you sign the declaration against the following statement:

'I certify that in making this request for payment:

The fees and expenses claimed are in accordance with GGPET guidelines and were incurred on official Gloucestershire GP Education Trust business on the date, venue and seminar / course as detailed.

Any individual fees being claimed are in respect of a presentation and /or preparation made in my own time and not as part of my normal working or educational commitments and has not been claimed elsewhere'.

Download Expenses Claim Form

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